Where do the words come from?
All the words are from the Planet Coaster game, made by Frontier. We collected all the words in English with the translation in Planco and put them into one big database.

How does it work?
The Planet Coaster Translate is build on the programming language PHP. It works by splitting all the words from an English sentence and translates the words individually to Planco. The amount of capital letters in the words will be calculated and stored. The script will then make sure the translated text has the same amount of capital letters as the input. When you try the text 'THIS Text is AWESome!', it will become 'LIS Zelet eu OWAsow!' in Planco!

How many code is written to let the translator work?
The PHP script has around 500 lines of code and was built in a few evenings.

How does the Planco translator work with other languages?
As you might have seen on the homepage, you can select multiple languages to convert text to the Planco language. The process is very simple. As all the words are stored in English by default and the translated text in Planco, it will first try to translate the text to English and then translate it to Planco.

Example: When you are choosing German as input language and the text is 'Wie geht es dir?', it will be translated to English first. That will become 'How are you?'. Then that will be translated to Planco: 'Tala say oe?'!


How many words are available to translate in the Planco translator database?
We have 2,808 words inside our database. We are updating them every time there are new words available.

Do you have any questions left?
If you have a question, you can ask this on the official Planet Coaster forums. We do have a Planco translator topic! Go to the Planco Translate topic on the official Planet Coaster forums!