Where do all those words come from?
Those words are from the Planet Coaster game! All those are collected to one Planet Coaster Translator database.

How is this made?
The Planet Coaster Translator is made in PHP. In PHP I am spacing every word into an array. When looping each word you told the machine to translate, the uppercases will be remembered and will be calculated for the translated word.

Then the system will look for matching words. After that the system will look for the closest word what does look like it. So the 'Spelling check' will give you an option to change the wrong word in your sentence.

How many code is there?
There are around 500 lines of code for the translator.

Are all Planco words translated into other languages?
Actually, that is not the case. All words are stored in English with the Planco translation inside the database. When you choose another language then English, like German, the German sentence will be translated to English first, and then the Planco Translator will do its job by translating the English translated text to Planco.

So, that may be the reason why you get weird sentences sometimes.

How many words does Planet Coaster Translate have??
We have 2.445 words inside our database. We are updating them every time there are new words available.

Another question?
If you have a question, mail us at